Serena williams dating white

Yeah, I’ll admit I secretly talk about Aunt Peaches’ nasty potato salad and her corenting roaches.

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*in my Ike Turner voice* when the Lamar Odom’s and Kanye West’s of the world were wifing up the Kardashian sisters.

They were contributing their “good looks and asses” to Black Jesus himself and not the surgeon who upgraded their previously unremarkable looks to “black girl fresh”.

by Scotty Reid, BTR News – In 2004, an email chain letter attributing comments to Serena Williams that were insensitive to Black men was particularly nasty. Williams announcing she had “stopped dating black guys” because “a white man is the only real choice for a successful black female.” The smeared was debunked by Snopes but Serena Williams seem to be especially offended that anyone would attribute such anti-black statements to her and that they were readily spread mainly by black blogs but includes even white-owned online platforms like The Grio apt to contribute to the racial click baiting for profits at the expense of high-profile public figures like Williams.

That’s not what this is about though and I’m certain they are cute and mushy. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson.Serena began dating Mouratoglu, 42, after recruiting the Frenchman when she suffered her first ever opening round defeat in the French Open last year.Since then he has guided her to her fifth Wimbledon title, an Olympic gold medal, her fourth US Open title and her second French Open title, and also lifted her back to world No 1 in the WTA rankings. In the name of Black wooly haired Jesus, I refuse to link to it because that is exactly what the website promoting the trash wants. Did I mention it is free for Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited users? Also check out my 5 steps to building a killer blog and make money from it course. According to the website that has no chance in heck of eva, eva, ever interviewing Serena Williams, Miss Williams said, This quote is a damn lie. She is not one of these self haters or Maury folks.

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